New layout for the website.

Since this weekend i’ve been busy updating and changing the website layout and existing posts,
Had to do this because the old layout wasn’t responsive, unreadable cause of the small columns and not really user friendly.

With this new layout i hope it is easier to find the posts / tutorials you are looking for on my site.
I also like to mention that by the end of this week a new tutorial will be available for the PHP Web Game serie.
In this tutorial we will do something with the player income and more come back soon to check it out, i dont wanna spill it all in this post.

I also removed the contact form as i prefer that people will comment to my posts, its easy and fast to do (no login required!)
Let me know what you think of the new layout!

It’s been a while…

Hi readers,

It’s been a while since i posted.
I was kinda busy the lately with my work and personally, and forgot my blog i little bit.

I will be trying to get back on track again in the upcomming weeks and continue the tutorial of the PHP Game.
And offcourse i hope you readers will take the time to leave a message.

Come back soon to check for updates!

New upcomming tutorial.

Hey guy’s,

It has been a while since i posted a new tutorial.
I’ve been thinking of a complete project from start to end.

And came up with a complete PHP Game tutorial.
Ill do some research first on what i will be using (like CodeIgniter / Cake, jQuery, MySQL etc.)
After i know what i will be using i will write like a 10 part tutorial to create the complete project.

I just need some idea’s on what we will be using. Will it be army VS army ? or perhaps aliens?
Please post your idea’s before i start making the tutorials.

Website finally online

Today we are proud to announce that our new website is finally online!
It took some time to create but we are finally there.
The website is writen in dutch language, we won’t go international with it, but i you have a project you would like us to do, then we can think about it and perhaps do it anyway.

Soon we will continue with My Galaxy Pet again, but for now our website is more important.

1000 unique visitors!

I just checked my website statics and found out that at 1 April 2011 i accomplished to attract 1000 unique visitors from around the world to my personal blog.

The only thing is that i never see any messages, im trying to do my best to communicate with the readers but no success so far.
Lets hope that it will become better the next 1000 visitors.

I want to know what type of tutorials the people reading want.
1. 3D Max
2. PHP
3. Unity3D
4. Realmcrafter
5. Other (name it).

My Galaxy Pet Status

Hey peepz,

Today im happy to announce that we are almost ready for the first alpha stage for My Galaxy Pet.

We only got a few more things to do before we really gonna start an alpha test.

One of those things is finishing the flash template which will load the custom made player into the game.
And the other is that we want a nice looking frontpage for as long as we are developing the website, where you all can view the updates we have made before the website goes online.

The Alpha test will be in a closed group so please don’t ask for an invite.

The website will be found here: