Tutorial Photoshop – Game Interface Life Hearth

Hi people welcome to the first photoshop tutorial.
Today i gonna learn you to make a very basic image in photoshop what you perhaps can use in your own game. Let’s start!


Let’s start a new document (ctrl + n) in photoshop.
Give it the name “PlayerHealth” and set the width and height to 128 ( Divideable by 2 for games ;))
And press OK when you are done.


Keep you Custom Shapes tool pressed and you will get a menu select here the custom shape tool.


Now you have a new submenu that looks like the image above this text. Click here on the shape and select the hearth in the menu that pops up.


Now you click on the empty field en drag to the other side to draw the hearth (Draw it by your own wishes)


In the layers you click 2 times on the color next to your hearth (See image above), and pick the desired color.


Select your hearth layer and click on the FX button like you see in the image here above.
Pick Blending Options from the menu.
Now do all the options in the images under this text till said otherwise.

If you configured everything like in the above images then you can press on OK to add the effects.


If it is correct, your image will look like mine.
Now duplicate your hearth (ctrl + j)


Transform your duplicated layer (ctrl + t) and fill in the menu like i show in the image above.
You will see that you have 2 hearths over eachother now, 1 big one and a smaller one.
(We could use this for Full HealthPoints, Half HealthPoints and finally one for No HealthPoints)
Select the layer with the biggest hearth now open Blending options on it (See image 6) and follow the next steps.


If you filled in everything your image will look like mine. (See image under)
You can aswell turn off the small hearth layer and you will have a empty hearth.


Save the 3 variant’s as png/tga of gif, dont forget to turn off your background!
(See image beneath)
Now you can use these 3 images in your game like i did (see:


Thanks for reading my tutorial.
If you want ask something specific, seen stuff you want to do aswell?
Ask your questions! And i will awnser them with info or perhaps a tutorial.