I decided instead of creating a step by step tutorial i will just publish the source.
This way i hope other will help eachother here to improve the source by posting it.
There can be done much more to this mini game then i did. 🙂
I just don’t have much time at the moment to create a full tutorial cause of the game contest i’m in.

Press the brown cylinder slots to insert a coin in 1 of the 2 slots 🙂


License Agreement by downloading.
You may not sell this nor making a tutorial with the same code as i do.
You may alter the code and sell a complete php game without having to pay or credit me (only if you want to ;))
This is an open source project please share your modifications with the rest of the readers.
You must have fun scripting!
By downloading the files you agree with these terms.

Live DemoCheck it!

DownloadIts free!


Can’t open file? Download the extractor

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